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Milsar provides high-tech animal telemetry devices. They allow you to get more data for your research. Read more on About Us page.

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Highly awaited device has been released today. We have added GSM capabilities to RadioTag-14 hardware core. GsmRadioTag-S9 weights only 12 gram and is capable of both radio and GSM communication! Please read more on Product page.

After releasing RadioTag-14 in first quarter of 2016, we have following plans for this year:

  • Third quarter 2016:  Low cost devices for classic VHF telemetry
  • Fourth quarter 2016 / First quarter 2017: GsmTag-14 - logger complementary to RadioTag-14 (same sensors: GPS, acceleration, pressure, temperature, gyroscope, magnetometer and more) but using GSM-based data transfer.

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We have just released our telemetry logger with radio download. RadioTag-14 includes GPS, accelerometer, pressure sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature sensor and more. Everything fits in 17 x 15 x 33 mm and weights 10g (with battery!). Please visit its Product Page for more information.