Content for users of RadioTag system. Please note that these content is aimed at users, so it assumes that you are generally familiar with features of RadioTag system. If you would like to see presentation of features of this system, please check its Product Page.

[VIDEO] RadioTag Quick Start Video - Introductory video into RadioTag system. Highly recommended for every user starting to work with RadioTag-14. It shows step-by-step what you need to do from putting devices on your table to having data in CSV file.

[VIDEO] Base Station Manager Video - Detailed explanation of interacting with Base Station using Base Station Manager application. Includes changing loggers settings.

[VIDEO] Telemetry Data Manager Video - Detailed explanation of using Telemetry Data Manager application. Includes using very convenient navigation capabilities of plot area.

[VIDEO] How to turn devices ON / OFF using magnet? - Fragment of Quick Start video, which shows what you need to do to turn on / off loggers using magnet. It also explains what it actually means that logger is turned off or turned on.

[VIDEO] Geofencing & custom interval hours guide - Learn how to use these powerful new features introduced in October 2016. Custom interval hours let you to change record collection interval in selected hours, while geofencing lets you do that when animal is in selected areas.

Third Party Software

Google Earth: How to restore correct direction of arrows in KML in Google Earth - sometimes during browsing KML file in Google Earth, it changes direction of presented arrows to incorrect one. Fortunately, we can fix this with couple moves with the mouse.

Google Earth: How to comfortably browse datasets with many thousands of placemarks in Google Earth - with our devices, you may easily collect hundreds of thousands of records per animal. Learn how to browse such datasets as KML in Google Earth and have comfortable experience when doing that.

How to install .NET framework

How to install FTDI drivers