Before continuing, plug the device into your PC.

[Optional] Step 0: Verify that Windows does not recognize FTDI device

This is optional step for technically inclined users. It allows you to verify that there is a problem with lack of FTDI drivers and after installation, it will allow to verify that problem has been resolved. If you want to start installing FTDI drivers, please skip this step and go to "Step 1: Downloading FTDI drivers installer".

Go to Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound:

Then, click on Device Manager and navigate to Other devices position:


If you see icon with yellow symbol, near the device FT232R USB UART (or similar, because on your PC this name might be slightly different), than it means that there are no proper FTDI drivers. Now you can close device manager and proceed with next steps of this tutorial in order to solve this problem. You will be able to come back to Device Manager after installing FTDI drivers to verify that this yellow symbol disappeared and device is recognized properly (described in the last step of this tutorial).

Step 1: Downloading FTDI drivers

Go to download page of FTDI drivers vendor ( ) and click on download link shown below:

In case of troubles with downloading from vendor's servers, you can also download this file from our servers by clicking on this link. After downloading installer to your PC, you can proceed to next step of this tutorial.

Step 2: Installing FTDI drivers

Double click on file you downloaded in previous step to start the installer. Installation is typical for Windows applications:

Congratulations, you have installed FTDI drivers. Sometimes Windows requires to be rebooted in order to start using them (but not always). If you would have any problems with FTDI drivers, please reboot the PC first, before attempting other ways of troubleshooting.

[Optional] Step 3: Verifying that Windows recognized FTDI drivers and connected device

This is optional step, you don't need to do it. However, if you would like to verify that your installation resolved problem with FTDI drivers, please go to Device Manager (the same way as described in Step 0 of this tutorial). Your device should be plugged in to your PC during this step. Go to Ports (COM & LPT) section and verify that you see something like USB Serial Port (COM3) (on your PC com number may be different than 3):

If you see no yellow symbol on the icon of this device, it means that it's recognized properly. Please also note that now our device is in Ports (COM & LPT) section, not "Other devices" (because Windows recognized it properly and put in correct section now).

Any questions? Please contact us.

If anything is not clear for you or you encountered any problems with doing these steps, please contact us and we will be happy to help.