GsmTag-U9 transmits data through cellular networks to our online server, which you can access by Internet. Logger has GPS and many other sensors (see below). It uses solar panel for charging.

Weight (including battery, tag ready to use): 9.5g

Cellular networks compatibility: worldwide

Standard casing (can be customized if needed):

High quality data for your project

You get new research possibilities with so many sensors on your command:

  1. Geographical coordinates (GPS)
  2. Speed (GPS)
  3. Altitude (GPS)
  4. Acceleration
    1. X axis
    2. Y axis
    3. Z axis
  5. Angular speed (speed of rotational motion) - measured using gyroscope
    1. X axis
    2. Y axis
    3. Z axis
  6. Terrestrial magnetism - measured using magnetometer (gives information about animal absolute orientation)
    1. X axis
    2. Y axis
    3. Z axis
  7. Temperature

Capture the dynamics: burst collection capabilities

Sometimes you need to capture high-frequency bursts of data. For example:
  • when analyzing animal's energy expenditure from its acceleration
  • when studying diving dynamics (e.g. how fast diving animal reached particular depth and how much time stayed there)
  • when analyzing phases of flight
  • ... in many other applications, which you can invent much better than we do

GsmTag-U9 allows you to capture high-frequency bursts from accelerometer and gyroscope:

  • Accelerometer (X,Y,Z): 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz
  • Gyroscope (X,Y,Z): 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz

During collecting high frequency burst from accelerometer / gyroscope, you can also collect additional information with 1Hz frequency (1 record per second) from Magnetometer (X,Y,Z).

Of course, you can choose to collect all above data in a single burst. For example, it's entirely possible to collect burst with following contents: all axes from accelerometer collected with frequency of 50 Hz, all axes from gyroscope collected with 50 Hz, all axes from magnetometer collected with frequency of 1 Hz.

Burst duration (how much time one burst takes) and interval (how much time between bursts) are user-configurable.

Cellular transmission: receive new data while drinking coffee at your desk

You don't need to do any trips to the field in order to retrive data. Just sit comfortably, visit address of our online server and you can immediately access all your data.

Understanding cellular transmission

  • Cellular transmission means data transmission in the same way as typical smartphones / cellphones do. So, in order to be able to transmit the data, logger has to be in area where cellular networks work. Our loggers have very big memory (approximately 2 GB), so even if they are out of range of networks for long time, they will be able to store the data and transmit it later, after arriving into area with cellular reception. However, arriving into area with cellular reception is needed at some point, in order to send the data. So, if you know that your animals will be in area without cellular reception all the time (for example our customers doing projects in Arctic or deep in the jungles have such situation), then you need to use other type of devices – for example our RadioTag-14, which is capable of direct radio transmission to our base station in the field.
  • We handle everything for you: Devices which you receive have working SIM cards already inside, and you don’t deal with any operator by yourself. This is very good for you, as making cellular plans to work reliably worldwide is not an easy task – we have custom agreements with our operator, which allow reception in regions unavailable for normal consumer-grade roaming plan. Not to mention that, in normal consumer plans, you would have high transmission fees from foreign countries.

Simple and cheap transmission fees

We have flat rate for the whole world: 5 eur per month per logger, for unlimited data amount. When considering cellular based systems, you should always verify transmission pricing - as we know that there are companies offering "on-demand" pricing, where you can easily be billed with 20 times higher fees!

Multiple features inspired by customers

Around 80% of our development is driven by customers’ suggestions. Important examples of customer-inspired features in this logger are:
  • Geofencing – you can set up to 2 zones with custom registration intervals. This is very helpful when you want to perform higher frequency GPS registration in certain areas. For example, conservationists use it to get better picture of animal behavior in proximity of human habitats. Of course there are many other possible applications: you can set more frequent registration in areas of special interest (e.g. water crossing, some migration episodes etc.) or you can use this feature to capture less positions in some areas if you are not interested in them.
  • Custom registration intervals in selected hours – Imagine that your species sleeps at night (quite common scenario) and is active during the day. With this feature, you can set for example to register only 1 position per hour during the night (to be sure that animal stayed at the same place during night) and 5-minute interval during the day (to normally register daily activity). This feature is also very useful if you know that your animal is highly active during selected hours (e.g. 2 hours at dawn and 2 hours at dusk). If that’s the case, you can set higher registration frequency during those periods.

Various colors, casings & handles options

We provide various enclosures types. Casings can be made for various types of animals: birds, mammals, reptiles and others.

To see more casing options, please visit Casing Gallery


Device/service Net price Remarks
GsmTag-U9 1350 EUR Logger described on this page, all enclosure variants have the same price.
Cellular data transmission 60 EUR per year Cellular transmission of unlimited data amount for 1 year for 1 logger

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