How to restore correct direction of arrows in KML in Google Earth

Sometimes, when you browse KML contents in Google Earth, direction of arrows becomes obviously incorrect. This is a rare-occuring glitch in Google Earth, fortunately it's possible to fix with just couple moves of the mouse. It is not a big deal, because it's just presentation issue of external application (Google Earth).

Firstly, let's see example of situation when this occurs in Google Earth:

OK, so how to fix this and get our correct directions back? We just need to rotate our view left & right a bit, and application will be forced to establish correct directions of arrows again:

In very rare cases when it would not help, please also zoom-in and zoom-out a bit, by using your mouse wheel or clicking plus and minus sings here:

That's all, thank you for reading. If you would have any questions, please contact us.

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