Customized Devices

Animal kingdom is so diverse that sometimes customized design is necessary. Below you can find information about ordering custom devices. You can also see examples of various custom designs that we've made in the past.

How to get customized devices

Let's start the conversation by describing your needs to us by writing here: [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] ! If you already know, you can also provide following information:
  1. What are the weight requirements for the device?
  2. What is the animal species you are planning to work on?
  3. If you consider solar charging, it would be good to know (roughly) what is the general exposure to sunlight of that species: as it will be different approach required for e.g. bird species that is well exposed to sunlight and for some animal that lives on the bottom of the rainforest.
  4. If you don't consider solar charging: please let us know requirements on how long it should work on single charging of the battery.
  5. What are the desired amounts of data that you would like to collect?
  6. What kind of data you would like to register (just GPS, or something else too, e.g. pressure/magnetometer etc.)?
  7. Do you need to get devices before some deadline?
  8. How many units you would like to get?

Examples of existing designs

Multiple various collars

Various loggers with different casings



S01H090A_nano (only NanoTag-3)









Exact pricing of custom devices depends on the details of the customization. But to give you some estimate: vast majority of custom devices ends up costing around 1400-1700 EUR.

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