How many base stations should I buy for my project?

  • The technological "hard limit" is that single base station can handle up to 100 loggers at given time. So, you need to buy at least 1 base station per 100 loggers.
  • However, even when buying less than 100 loggers, customers often buy more than 1 base station due to following reasons:
    • When they want to have more downloading locations, or more teams downloading data at the same time.
    • For extra reliability: Our base stations are tested heavily before shipping, however if you have just one object that's required for your work, then always something might happen to it, including accidentally losing it somewhere. As they say in high-reliability contexts: "Two is one, one is none". But, with that being said, there are also many customers who buy just one base station per project and are perfectly happy with it.

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