Are the devices waterproof? What about deep diving?

Yes, all our devices are fully waterproof. In details, it is like this:
  • Every standard device is waterproof for complete submersion to depth of 10 meters. Each manufactured unit is tested in pressure chamber under water. This standard waterproofness provides solution for all typical cases of terrestrial animals (that are exposed mostly to rain) and animals that might dive to shallow depths.
  • Loggers that have to withstand diving to depths of couple hundred meters need to be customized: typically, by filling their casings with additional resin inside. Then, they form monolithic block able to withstand such pressures. This of course adds weight to the device.
  • Loggers that have to withstand diving to extreme depths (kilometers) require different kind of customization. There are handful of options available and we choose the most optimal one after knowing the details of your project.

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